Hi, I'm Swathy Jayaseelan ,
An aspiring full-stack developer.
I very much enjoy doing cool stuff!
A continuous learner who can quickly grasp new technologies
I give attention to minute details
I communicate my thoughts clearly
I am ...

A driven software professional with 3 years of software development and PM experience. I graduated from Cal State Fullerton with Master's in Software Engineering in Jan '18 and hold Udacity Nanodegrees in Front-end and Full Stack.

  • Master's in Software Engineering, California State University, Fullerton - Jan 2018
  • Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, SASTRA University, India - May 2012
  • Software Engineer Volunteer, One Community Global- (Mar '18 - Present)
  • Software Development Engineer Volunteer, App To Succeed Inc. - (May'18 - Present)
  • Sofware Engineer Volunteer, SNAC - (Mar '18 - Present)
  • Project Manager, Adam & Associates - (Dec '13 - Apr '15)
  • Systems Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. - (July '12 - Oct '13)
  • Full-Stack Web Developer Nanodegree, Udacity - Sep 2017
  • Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree, Udacity - Jan 2017
  • Diploma in Programming, C, C++, Java


[Source: Linkedin]
"Swathy is a volunteer with our nonprofit (as of the 5/4/18 writing of this) and has volunteered with us for the past two months. I'm happy to recommend her for any position she is applying for. She is professional, responsible, and a dedicated and creative problem solver. She's a pleasure to work with and her work quality is outstanding. She's an excellent member of our team and I can say with confidence that she'll be an outstanding contributor to any other team or project she joins or leads too. Feel free to message me directly if further information is desired regarding this recommendation and/or Swathy's work with us. Sincerely, Jae Sabol Executive Director One Community Global"
Jae Sabol
Executive Director, One Community Global
"I had the honor of teaching Swathy Jayaseelan in the course of Modern Software Management at Cal State Fullerton AMSE program during fall 2016. I happened to recognize that Swathy maintains her curiosity of learning new subjects in software management and asked right questions all the time. I believe curiosity is an important trait of an excellent engineer. The project ‘Foodie24’ she contributed is very creative and well executed by her team. I think it can be even turned to a real product. Swathy’s positive learning attitude and excellent work in the class made me think she will be ready for challenges in her career."
Senior Principal Architect, AT&T
"Swathy is a bright and hard-working individual in her academic pursuits. Above all, I was constantly impressed by swath’s ability to multitask and to solve any kind of problem smoothly and efficiently as an engineer. Of course, her enthusiasm and spirited attitude was contagious! Swathy would be a true asset for any positions requiring a professional and confident attitude. I look forward to watching her develop her career and to witness her many upcoming accomplishments"
Naga Raviteja Malladi
Technical Agile Coach/Product Manager, Arrowlytics
"I had a great experience working with Swathy. I would say that Swathy is very responsible and committed towards the academic projects. She loves to take initiative. She has a strong knowledge and wide experience not limited to requirement, testing process, C, C++, JAVA, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.. I would say that she is very dedicated towards her success. P.S. For further discussion on Project Successes with Swathy, please contact myself @ 1-714-312-8701"
Jabeen Shazia
UAT Onsite Lead, HCL America Inc.